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Hibiscus Ginger Beverage  6—12 packs. Select an option for pricing and shipping information. We also provide catering services and custom orders for sizes 16 oz and 1 gallon. Please click the button below to fill out the form for your custom order.

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A sweet yet healthy hibiscus beverage blended with ginger, bold spices, and herbs popular in the Caribbean

Main Ingredients: Hibiscus leaves, Ginger, Cloves, Lemon, Natural Cane Sugar, Mint Leaves, and Cinnamon.

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8 oz, 12 oz


6 pack, 12 pack

5 reviews for Hibiscus Ginger Beverage

  1. Aileen

    Just the right drink for me at this time. Will definitely order again.

    Shipping was fast

    • Anita Otchere


      Thank you again for your purchase. We at Jasaly will look forward to your next order. Enjoy!

  2. Andrew

    Most of the times when it comes to food I normally pass on trying new stuff but I’m glad I did not on this drink.
    I bet you will love this if you try it.
    Package was neatly boxed and shipped fast.

    • Anita Otchere

      Thank you. We are glad you tried it! Come again

  3. Emmanuel M.

    Nice Alternative to Soda

    This is an awesome product. For many of us who have tried to, or have successfully, quit drinking Soda… but have searched high & low for something healthy to drink other than water… this is working for me – it’s been a while with no soda! Woo-hoo! Just the drink solution that I was looking for!

    I would recommend it to anyone. I like the quality and colorful packaging.

    • Anita Otchere

      Thank you, Emmanuel. We are glad this is working for you.

  4. Mike E (verified owner)

    I got the Hibiscus Ginger beverage! WOW! I’m loving the smooth taste with the right KICK?‼
    I’ll definitely recommend for taste and also for the hibiscus benefits packed with antioxidants and can boost liver health

    • Anita Otchere

      Mike E, Thank you for pointing out the benefits of hibiscus. We are glad this worked for you

  5. Abby

    Purchased the Hibiscus ginger and I love it!

    • Anita Otchere

      Abby, Thank you for the purchase!

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